June 14, 2020 - Imagining Our New World

Recording of worship service from Sunday May 24, 2020 at 11a MT
Message: Imagining Our New World by Chris Kirch
Meditation: Irene Bozich
Music: Michael Kendall Harris
Note: ActBlue is a non-profit technology company that provides a free FUNDRAISING PLATFORM to organizations that are aligned with their principles (Democratic politicians, progressive organizations, and nonprofits). Their platform is a conduit for getting small dollar donations (less than $200) to the intended organizations without exorbitant fees. Many legitimate non-profit social justice organizations use the ActBlue platform including Black Lives Matter and Color of Change. Donations made to such organizations through the platform go directly to the intended organization, less a 3.95% processing fee. Those donations are tax-deductible and ActBlue does not keep your money.  Donations made directly to ActBlue (the section where they ask if you'd like to pay a tip) are non-tax deductible donations used to support the underlying technology and ActBlue. 
You can learn more about ActBlue and how their technology works here: https://secure.actblue.com/about
You can always verify that your money is being delivered correctly to the organization by following the instructions listed here: 
As Chris discusses in his message, it is important to be aware. It is also important to fact check! This misinformation was fueled by a social media hoax that has been debunked by many reputable news organizations as well as media watchdog companies. Here are other sources you can use to fact check information about ActBlue: