Sunday Lessons



We at Unity Spiritual Community of Salt Lake are blessed to host some of the most dynamic speakers in the world.  

Among these speakers is our own Spiritual Leader Mike Muir. 

All of our services are designed to inspire and enlightened.


If by chance you missed a special sermon or you just want to hear one of your favorites again

click on the sermon of your choice and enjoy.

October 2020

The Power of Zeal

October 4, 2020

Speaker: Mike Muir


September 2020

Music Sunday 

September 27, 2020

Musician: Dan Waldis



September 20, 2020

Speaker: Jeffery Olson


Breathing Into Divine Order

September 13, 2020

Speaker: Larry Davis


The Power of Order

September 6, 2020

Speaker: Mike Muir


August 2020

Why I Believe

August 30, 2020

Speaker: Chris Kirch


Will Power vs. Won't Power

August 23, 2020

Speaker: Doug Castillo


Discovering the Power Within

August 16, 2020

Speaker: Jackie Brinkerhoff with Christine Wright


Allowing Our Divine Will

August 9, 2020

Speaker: Larry Davis


JULY 2020

Music Sunday

July 26, 2020

Speaker & Musician: Endre Balogh


When I Was a Child, I Spoke as a Child

July 19, 2020

Speaker: Curt Condie


Understanding Our Role in Today's World

July 12, 2020

Speaker: Larry Davis


Heart Centered Awakening

July 5, 2020

Speaker: Mike Muir


JUNE 2020

Imagination and the Song of the Heart

June 28, 2020

Speaker: Shawn Gallaway


Envisioning Your Field of Dreams

June 21, 2020

Speaker: Mike Muir


Imagining Our New World

June 14, 2020

Speaker: Chris Kirch

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Imagination Cannot Happen Without an Image

June 7, 2020

Speaker: Stephen Rowlands


MAY 2020

Embrace the Power Within

May 24, 2020

Speaker: John Van Wagonner


Power Questions

May 24, 2020

Speaker: Sally Jo Taggart


The Web of Love

May 17, 2020

Speaker: Suzanne Giesemann

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"Super Nova: Reflections on the Joys and Struggles of Motherhood"

May 10, 2020

Speaker: Mindy Dillard


"Keeping the Negatives Within Tolerable Limits -- It's OK to be NOT OK"

May 3, 2020

Speaker: Terry McBride


APRIL 2020

"Apply Inner Strength to Overcome Challenges"

April 26, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell


"The Potential of Spiritual Strength"

April 19, 2020

Speaker: Mike Muir


"Be in the Moment"

April 12, 2020

Speaker: Larry Davis


"The Courage of Oneness"

April 5, 2020

Speaker: Mike Muir

MARCH 2020

Music Sunday

March 29, 2020

Musical Guests: Mindy Dillard & Michael Kendall Harris


"Wisdom in the Face of Crisis"

March 22, 2020

Speaker: Mike Muir



"Will Power vs Won't Power vs Want Power"

August 19, 2018

Speaker: Heidi Freeman



"Understanding the Principle of Order"

September 25, 2016

Speaker: Dr. Janeen Detrick


"Bountiful Blessings Unleashed"

August 28, 2016

Speaker: Mitzi Lynton

MAY 2016

"Energy Transmission to Raise Our Vibration to Love, Peace, and Healing"

May 15, 2016

Speaker: His Holiness Dr. Vasanth Vijayji

"The Posture of Power"

May 01, 2016

Speaker: Curt Conde

APRIL 2016

"The Lord is My Strength"

April 24, 2016

Speaker: Samuel Stone

"An Experiment in Manifesting"

April 17, 2016

Speaker: Sandra Malbon


February 14, 2016

"The Science of Love In Action"

Speaker: Michelle Boykin