"The Twelve Powers of Man" The Movie

Charles Fillmore's spiritual classic, "The Twelve Powers of Man" comes to life in this 90 minute documentary.   

Over 40 Unity Ministers lend their wisdom to the subject, including:  Ref. Ed Townley, Rev. Howard Caesar, Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell, Rev.  Justin Epstein, Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett and our own Sandra Malbon, LUT.  This movie is an adventure, and through this adventure, Fillmore's Twelve Powers comes to life in dramatic form.


 Follow NY Times Bestselling author James Twyman and a group of peacemakers from around the world as they travel to a small hill overlooking a syrian village held by ISIL.

James Twyman is the author of fiffteen books including The Moses Code, Emmisary of Light and The Barn Dance.  He is also a world reknowned musician and the producer or director of five films including INDIGO and the award-winning Redwood Highway.